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Back in the early days of bird watching (you remember of course) it was grown-ups who pursued the avocation. Eventually, as the older birders - whose hair has gone silver and whose hearing has... well... gone - approach the age when birding becomes difficult, a need arises to infuse the birding community with younger participants. Thus your TOS Membership Committee is in pursuit of sharp eyes and ears, and youthful brains that are filled not with the detritus of many years of living but with field marks and range maps. At the same time, we also aim to encourage retention of our experienced members who can guide and mentor the younger set.

In the articles above, you'll see how Laura Wilson's efforts with college students and Texas birding groups are yielding exciting results. Shelia Hargis' account of our Hooks Woods Sanctuary will stir the blood to volunteer your time, or take a hike and enjoy a day of excellent birding. Frances Cerbins' explanation of the cancellation of our 2022 winter meeting in Abilene illustrates the care and consideration TOS has for its members.

As your membership secretary, I was delighted to join this committee, since my job hinges on having members! Please remember that I am here at 361-701-1962 or  to assist with any questions you have about maintaining your account or dues payments.

Take a look at some TOS membership figures:
* On Jan. 1, 2017 we had 926 members. On Jan. 1, 2022 we had 866, a loss of 6.5%. The numbers have risen and fallen over the years but in essence, we have hit a plateau.
* Region 8 which includes Harris County has the highest number of members - 244.
* Region 1, the Panhandle area, has the lowest number of members - 14.
* About 25% of those whose memberships have lapsed for more than six months will gladly renew when reminded.
Exciting things are in the wind for TOS, so I encourage you to keep your eyes open for a new look, more communications, and a return of in-person birding opportunities in Texas.

Judy Kestner, TOS Membership Secretary

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