September 22 - October 1, 2022: Panama Birding Trip

TOS is excited to present a birding trip to Panama led by Tiffany Kersten Click for more...

Tiffany Kersten is a Wisconsin native, turned Texan. Tiffany began birding when she was 12, when witnessing sandhill cranes calling and displaying. She holds a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology from Northland College, and has taught about hawk migration in Cape May, New Jersey, banded honeycreepers in Hawaii, and monitored shorebirds in Massachusetts, in addition to spending over a decade as an environmental educator and nature center manager. She now works as a full-time guide with her own company, Nature Ninja Birding Tours. Itinerary (I took from the two summaries Carlos gave and amended just a tiny bit).

Canopy Lodge (4 Nights - Sept. 22-25)) This part of the tour explores the foothills and cloud forests of El Valle de Anton — the home of motmots, tanagers, hummingbirds, antpittas and the mythical Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo! We enjoy accommodations at the award-winning Canopy Lodge, with exciting bird-filled trips to La Mesa, Cerro Gaital Natural Monument, Cara Iguana, Las Minas, and the beaches of Juan Hombron and Santa Clara — all designed to find as many of the area’s specialties as possible!

Canopy Tower (5 Nights - Sept. 26-30) This part of the tour emphasizes the bird-rich lowland tropical forests of the Canal Zone. It features some of the best birding Central America has to offer! Our base of operations will be the world-famous Canopy Tower with unlimited access to our fabulous Observation Deck every morning, afternoon and evening, where you can enjoy “canopy birding” at its best! Excursions to some of Panama’s premier birding locations, including the world famous Pipeline Road, along with Semaphore Hill, Plantation Trail, Summit Ponds, the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center and its remarkable tower, the Chagres River, Gamboa and the marshy Ammo Ponds round out an outstanding 5 days of birding.

For additional trip information, please contact Tiffany Kersten at (715) 209-5751 or tiffanykersten@gmail.com. For registration questions, contact Judy Kestner at 361-701-1962 or jkestner@stx.rr.com.

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September 23-25, 2022: Bill Clark's Raptor Identification Class

TOS is excited to present Bill Clark's Raptor Identification Class!  Click for more...

Raptor expert Bill Clark will again offer his excellent Texas Raptor Identification Classes - now in person - on the weekend of Sept. 23-25 in Corpus Christi, with two field trips to the Corpus Christi HawkWatch at Hazel Bazemore County Park. This weekend is the peak of raptor migration over South Texas, and you can expect to see hundreds, if not thousands, of birds of prey as they wing to their winter vacation homes.

In addition to the HawkWatch activities at the park, there will be a Celebration of Flight function hosted by a local club, with vendors, live bird show and speakers from HWI.

Registration will open on Friday August 5 at 6:00 a.m., and is limited to 25 attendees. The cost is $150 per person, which includes three two-hour classes, access to Bill's course outline, and two instructional trips to the HawkWatch platform.

A hotel close to the park has offered a "HawkWatch discount" of $99 per night. More information will be included in your payment confirmation email.

We are grateful to Bill for sharing a portion of the registration fee with TOS, allowing us to continue offering educational (and fun!) events such as this one.

For registration questions, contact Judy Kestner at 361-701-1962 or jkestner@stx.rr.com.

Registration opens on August 5th at 6 AM.

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