January 12-15, 2023: TOS Winter Meeting

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We hope you can attend our next meeting Jan. 12-15, 2023, chock full of unique field trips and wonderful speakers, in Abilene. This area is not well-known to many of you and it's a great opportunity to jump start (or complete) your Century Club lists for the surrounding counties.

Block off those dates on your calendar, and then look for the TOS News in November with more details.

January 12, 2023: New-birder Field Trip - Abilene

Laura Wilson and Shelia Hargis will offer a free birdwalk for non-birders or new birders in Abilene.  Click for more...

This field trip will focus on new or less-experienced birders. We’ll go slow, talk about field marks, point out similar species, and try to answer all questions. We’ll visit several different habitats. Some habitats will have birds that are very easy to see such as ducks. Other habitats will be more challenging with birds that like to move quickly through trees or skulk in shrubby areas. Although challenging and sometimes frustrating, woodland birding allows participants to practice using binoculars and following directions to find the birds. Over lunch, we’ll talk about binoculars, field guides, birding resources, and any other bird-related topics that come to mind. No matter how long you have been birding, if you’d like to work on your identification skills and talk basics, join us for this field trip!

Registration opens on December 11th at 6 AM.

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