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January 24-27, 2019: Winter Meeting 2019, Galveston, TX

Field trips will provide opportunities to bird favorite locations such as Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, Bolivar Peninsula, Brazos Bend State Park as well as less well-known locations that you can't visit without special arrangements. Click for more...

Click here for all the details.

Registration opens Monday Dec. 3rd at 6AM. Return here to register.

February 15-17, 2019: TOS Weekender to Del Rio

Join TOS for a weekender to explore areas in and around Del Rio with DD Currie and Dell Little. Click for more...

Registration will open Thursday, Dec. 13 at 6 a.m. and close on Sunday, December 16 at 6 p.m. Return here to register.

Registration Fee: $85 for TOS Members

In response to your feedback we recently piloted a new registration process for Weekenders. The process seemed to work well and received positive feedback, so we are going to continue using it. Registration will be open for several days. Once registration closes, participants will be randomly selected. It is recommended that you include no more than two individuals in a single registration. You will need to pay the $85 fee at the time of registration. If you use the pay later option, you will not be eligible for the random drawing. If you are unable to register and pay via the website, contact Catherine Winans at to be added to the lottery. Registrants will be notified of their status on December 18, and money will be refunded to those who were not selected.

Join TOS for a weekender to explore areas in and around Del Rio. This area is unique and very birdy as it consists of a variety of habitats, including Chihuahuan desert, South Texas brush country, Edwards Plateau and Rio Grande riparian ecosystems as well as Lake Amistad. Those birders participating in the Texas Century Club should be able to observe more than 100 species in Val Verde County by the end of the weekend.

This trip will be limited to 14 participants and will involve some county road birding, so carpooling will be required. We expect to travel in only four vehicles. Pack clothing suitable for weather conditions in February. Bring walkie-talkies if you have them. Spotting scopes will be useful at some locations. Bring sack lunches for Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, February 15 - Meet in the parking lot of the Best Western Inn of Del Rio, 810 Veterans Boulevard, at 12 p.m. We will travel to LakeAmistad, birding with scopes at various points around the lake. There will be easy, short walks. Restrooms will be available.

Saturday, February 16 - Depart the Best Western parking lot at 6:30 a.m. Birding will begin at Seminole Canyon State Park (entry fee required). There will be several easy walks of half a mile to one mile with stops to bird various locations in the park. Restrooms will be available.

We will move on to the Pecos/Rio Grande River Confluence where we will also take several short, easy walks, stopping to bird various locations using scopes and binoculars. Restrooms will be available.

We will bird around the City of Comstock from our vehicles. Possible dinner options are in Comstock or Del Rio.

Sunday, February 17 - Depart the Best Western parking lot at 7:30. We will visit the San Felipe Creek Areas in Del Rio. There will be easy walks of up to a half mile. Restrooms are available in town. We will move on to bird Vega Verde Road from our vehicles. There will not be any restrooms for this part of the trip. We plan to finish the day by about 1:00 p.m.

Target Birds - Mexican Duck, Scaled Quail, White-throated Swift, White-tailed Kite, Gray Hawk, Zone-tailed Hawk, Ringed Kingfisher, Green Kingfisher, Ash-throated Flycatcher, Great Kiskadee, Couch's Kingbird, Green Jay, Rock Wren, Canyon Wren, Cactus Wren, Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Curve-billed Thrasher, Long-billed Thrasher, Phainopepla, Cassin's Sparrow, Olive Sparrow, Brewer's Sparrow, Black-throated Sparrow, Lark Bunting, Canyon Towhee, Rufous-crowned Sparrow, Green-tailed Towhee, Bronzed Cowbird, Pyrrhuloxia, Morelet's Seedeater

Hotel - A block of rooms has been reserved at the Best Western Inn of Del Rio, and arrangements have been made for breakfast to be available early on Saturday and Sunday. The rate is $67.99/night king or double queen. You may call the hotel and request the Texas Ornithological Society rate. The rate is available until February 5th.

Best Western Inn of Del Rio
810 Veterans Boulevard
Del Rio, TX 78840
May 2-5, 2019: Spring Meeting 2019, Location: San Antonio, TX
Save the date!

Save the date!

June 2 thru 16, 2019: TOS Returns to Alaska
Byron Stone and Randy Pinkston will co-lead a birding trip for TOS members to Alaska Click for more...
Register & Pay

The trip largely follows the "Trip-of-a-Lifetime" itinerary pioneered by TOS Past-President Jim Hailey on his 11 trips to Alaska for TOS. Birding destinations will include Anchorage, Barrow, Nome, Denali Park, and a boat trip for near-shore pelagic birds out of Seward. That trip last summer (2017), co-led by Jim Hailey and Byron Stone, including Randy Pinkston as a participant, encountered 174 bird species, including 20 species that are very hard to find anywhere in North America other than Alaska. A partial list of such specialty birds includes Arctic and Aleutian Terns, Harlequin Duck, Pacific Loon, Red-necked Grebe, Arctic Warbler, 10 species of alcids, Eastern Yellow Wagtail and the amazing Bluethroat! And then there is the scenery - there is nothing like it in the lower 48. And mammals, including muskoxen and caribou. And the incomparable polygon tundra of Barrow.

This is a rigorous birding trip, with long birding days and lots of travel. Much of the travel will be in isolated backcountry with no facilities. Much of the birding will be along gravel roads or improved trails, but a few locations will require hiking over uneven ground on steep hillsides in order to maximize the prospects for birds.

The trip fee is $3,850 for TOS members and $3,950 for non-members (which includes a one-year TOS membership). It includes ground transport to birding locations in large vans or SUV's, airfare to and from Nome and Barrow, and the fee for the Seward boat trip. Participants will be responsible for airfare to and from Anchorage. In addition participants will be responsible for lodging, meals, tips, drinks and incidentals estimated at $2250 to $2500 per person. Single rooms will be available only in Anchorage and possibly Seward. The minimum number of participants is 9 and maximum is 12.

Initial payment due with registration is $1,925 ($1,975 for non-members), with final payment of $1,925 (members) or $1,975 (non-members) due on February 28, 2019. If you have questions, contact Byron Stone at

Current TOS members will be given priority registration. In the event that the trip does not fill by December 15, 2018, then non-members will be given a chance to register for the trip and become TOS members.

TOS Trip Cancellation Policy
This policy applies to TOS field trips or other events that require non-refundable deposits to retain guide services, hotel rooms or transportation.

In the event you have to cancel, refunds are made according to the following schedule:

  • If cancellation is made more than 90 days before departure date, your deposit less $100 will be refunded.
  • If cancellation is made between 60 and 90 days before departure date then 50% of the trip fee is refundable.
  • If cancellation is made fewer than 60 days prior to departure date, there will be no refund of the trip fee.

Note: If you cancel late (less than 90 days before departure), but you are able to find a substitute to take your place (or we have a substitute on a waiting list), once the substitute has paid Texas Ornithological Society in full for the trip, a refund of your deposit less $100 and any non-refundable reservations tied to a specific individual's name (such as internal airfare) will be made.

Other Information
For your protection, the purchase of trip cancellation insurance should be considered. If you take out trip insurance the cost of the insurance is not refundable. Therefore it is best to purchase the policy just prior to making full payment for the trip or at the time you purchase airline tickets, depending upon the airline's restrictions. TOS reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure, in which case full refund of the trip fee will constitute full settlement to the participant.

We strongly advise that you wait to purchase non-refundable airline travel until you receive notice from the TOS trip leader or coordinator that the trip meets minimum participation requirements.

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